03 April

US Weather events

US Weather events

1955 65 yrs ago
Record snows fell in north central Wyoming and south central Montana. Billings MT received a storm total of 42.3 inches, and on the 4th reported a record snow depth of 35 inches. Sheridan WY established a 24 hour snowfall record of 26.7 inches. (2nd-4th)
1974 46 yrs ago
"A ""Super-Outbreak"" of tornadoes ravaged the Midwest and the eastern U.S. Severe weather erupted early in the afternoon and continued through the next day. Severe thunderstorms spawned 148 tornadoes from Alabama to Michigan, most of which occurred between 1 PM (CST)"
1987 33 yrs ago
A storm in the southeastern U.S. produced a trace of snow at Mobile, AL, one inch at Jackson MS, and two inches at Meridian MS, the latest snow of record for those three locations. Birmingham AL received seven inches of snow, and up to nine inches was reported in northeast Alabama. (Sandra and TI Richard Sanders - 1987)
1988 32 yrs ago
A wind gust to 114 mph was clocked at Ann Arbor, MI, during a tornadic thunderstorm. Thunderstorms in Michigan and Indiana spawned five tornadoes that Easter Sunday, and also produced golf ball size hail. (The National Weather Summary)
1989 31 yrs ago
Thunderstorms produced severe weather from the Southern Plains to the southern and central Appalachians. The thunderstorms spawned twenty tornadoes, including one which caused eight million dollars damage at Fort Branch IN. (The National Weather Summary)
1990 30 yrs ago
Rain and snow prevailed in the northeastern U.S., with snow reported in New York State. Boston MA was soaked with 2.91 inches of rain during the day and night, and up to half a foot of snow blanketed the hills of Steuben County NY that Tuesday night. (The National Weather Summary)
2008 12 yrs ago
An EF-1 tornado knocks down numerous tress and powerlines, destroys homes in Leawood and Cammack Village and passes directly over the Little Rock National Weather Service office. Six tornados were confirmed in central Arkansas, but no fatalities were reported.?
Origine dati: http://www.weatherforyou.com/

World records

World records

1974 46 yrs ago
One of the most extensive tornado outbreak on record, in almost every category - the Super Outbreak, affected a large area of the central United States and extreme southern Ontario in Canada. It featured 148 tornadoes in only 18 hours and unprecedented number of them were violent: 7 were F5 intensity and 23 were F4 intensity. During the peak of this outbreak there were 16 tornadoes on the ground at the same time. More than 300 people, possibly as many as 330, were killed.

F5 tornadoes

F5 tornadoes

1956 64 yrs ago
Hudsonville–Grand Rapids, Michigan 2002 fatalities
April 1956 Hudsonville-Standale tornado – Many homes were swept completely away, leaving bare foundations behind. Extensive wind-rowing of debris was observed, and vehicles were tossed hundreds of yards as well. One home that was swept away had all of its tile flooring scoured from the foundation.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed
1974 46 yrs ago
Daisy Hill, Indiana 2014 fatalities
Super Outbreak – Homes were swept completely away, and entire farms were leveled.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed
1974 46 yrs ago
Xenia, Ohio 1988 fatalities
Super Outbreak – Aerial photography and isoline surveys by Fujita showed that entire rows of brick homes were swept away and sustained F5 damage. Wind-rowing of debris occurred in nearby fields, and very intense damage was reported to steel-reinforced schools.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed
1974 46 yrs ago
Brandenburg, Kentucky 1989 fatalities
Super Outbreak – Multiple well-built homes were swept away, including one that sustained total collapse of its poured concrete walk-out basement wall. Grass was scoured from the ground, and aerial photography showed extensive wind-rowing in Brandenburg. Trees were completely debarked, and low-lying shrubs next to leveled homes were uprooted and stripped. Multiple vehicles were also thrown hundreds of yards and stripped down to their frames.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed
1974 46 yrs ago
Sayler Park (West Cincinnati), Ohio 2017 fatalities
Super Outbreak – Homes were swept away, and a large floating restaurant barge was lifted, ripped from its moorings, and flipped upside-down by the tornado. Boats and vehicles were carried long distances through the air.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed
1974 46 yrs ago
Mt. Hope–Tanner–Harvest, Alabama 1992 fatalities
Super Outbreak – Numerous homes were swept away and scattered. In Limestone County, where the F5 damage occurred, a large swath of trees was leveled, and ground scouring occurred nearby, with dirt found to have been dug up and plastered to the bark. A well pump was lifted out of the ground at one location, pavement was scoured from roads, and large metal high-tension towers were ripped off at the base and thrown, one of which was never found. Shrubbery was debarked as well.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed
1974 46 yrs ago
Tanner–Hazel Green, Alabama 1998 fatalities
Super Outbreak – Officially listed as an F5, but was rated F4 by Grazulis and Ted Fujita. Crossed into Tennessee and did F4 damage in both states, though the supposed F5 damage only occurred in Alabama, where numerous homes were swept away and extensive wind-rowing of debris occurred.
Official F5/EF5, but rating is disputed; event may not have been F5/EF5
1974 46 yrs ago
Guin, Alabama 1992 fatalities
Super Outbreak – According to the NWS in Birmingham, Alabama, this is considered one of the strongest tornadoes ever to impact the United States. Sources indicate that F5 damage was reported along much of the path, and that many homes in and near Guin sustained F5 damage. Many of these homes were swept away, their debris being scattered across fields, and in some cases reportedly had their "foundations dislodged and in some cases swept away as well." Nothing was left of the Guin Mobile Home Plant but a pile of mangled beams. Additionally, photographs showed intense wind-rowing from suction vortices. The path of the tornado was visible from satellite, as thousands of trees, including in the Bankhead National Forest, were snapped.
Official F5/EF5; undisputed

Deadly earthquakes

Deadly earthquakes

1971-04-03 04:49 UTC 49 yrs ago
China (mappa) , 15 km deep Magnitudo: 5.6
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)1

1983-04-03 02:50 UTC 37 yrs ago
Costa Rica (mappa) , 25 km deep Magnitudo: 7.4
Deaths resulting from earthquake shaking1
Total fatalities resulting from earthquake shaking and secondary effects6
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)1
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Emergency Events Database)10

1999-04-03 06:17 UTC 21 yrs ago
Peru (mappa) , 85 km deep Magnitudo: 6.8
Secondary effectslandslide
Deaths resulting from earthquake shaking1
Total fatalities resulting from earthquake shaking and secondary effects1
Total deaths resulting from an earthquake (Utsu catalog)1


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